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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Is a book that story "Notes of a life of Amrozi," this book tells about the journey Mujahid, and simultaneously published with the stories mujahid, such as Muhklas and Iman Samudera. It seems indeed made tetralogy. Start the school, family and the heroik exposed to the perfect, also implied that the information interesting and rarely heard to listening of public.
Delivery of arms and explosives
Amrozi had said that sending arms, ammunition and explosives to Ambon and Malaku [hlm: 136], also strive to allow weapons in Poso South Sulawesi.
Background This is blasting out of the fatwa Syaikhul Mujahidin Usamah bin Ladin Hafizahullah, the contents motivate Muslims to kill unbelievers Amerikan allies and partners-both civil include military wherever they are. Amrozi role in this book is written as a search target. Options Beach Bali as many foreign tourists from various countries including the United States of infiedel-allies and partners. . .... Word Amrozi Alhamdulillah, we find it's in the Sari Club and Peddys Pub. Because the results of our observations in the two sin this is the place to visit many foreign tourist ...

Once upon a time in reporting by journalists, and journalists are on Amrozi said, .. "... Amrozi, Amrozi said ...., want executed?" .. Then Amrozi replied "I swear the Judge is death , while more ... I die!
In fact hose 6 days later that the judge sentence to death.
Events that have occurred is a dead warden LP Krobokan-Denpasar Bali. Story that began swearing cuss the warden. "Later, if there is not dare let me execute the executing"
Hear the word of Amrozi was angry, and said. "soon you will die!". After this event, six months later are still seeing Amrozi and the warden said. "O ... You dead yet?. As the four days and then get news that the dead warden by accident
Data book
TITLE: The Last Smiling Mujahid
AUTHOR: Amrozi bin Nurhasyim
PUBLISHER: Ar Rahmah Media. Bintaro South Jakarta. Phone: 021 68884 1087. E-mail: website:
ISBN: 978-979-15248-2-7 --
Printed: January 2009 I-Muharram 1430
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